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Fusion Enterprise Solutions

Fusion Enterprise Solutions (FES) is a technology & infrastructure solution and service integrator specializing in design, build, and O&M of Telecommunications (ISP/OSP), Technical & Electronic Security Systems (TSS / ESS), Audio Visual (AV/VTC) systems, Building Management Systems (BMS), Wireless systems, Modular Architectural, Modular Electric Systems, and physical security systems (FEBR).  


Our team of seasoned veterans delivers turnkey technology systems to mission critical environments. The Fusion ES leadership has a proven record in successful design, engineering, and project management, installation, testing, commission and operations and maintenance (O&M) services for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) facilities and mission-critical environments inside the Contiguous United States (CONUS) and Outside CONUS (OCONUS) for USG agencies, such as; Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of State (DOS), Department of Energy (DOE), and Department of Defense (DOD).

White Background

Our History & Business Primer

In focusing on Mission Critical Environments for the past twenty years it is clear that technology, mission, and threat move at the speed of light.  Nearly every aspect of Government, industry and technology is evolving to keep up with the changing cyber & infrastructure threats and landscape.  Yet, the traditional methodology for delivering infrastructure still uses a process that predates the Industrial Revolution. A process wherein raw materials and tools are delivered to a specific project site, beginning a (inherently flawed) “barn-raising” procedure requiring time, resources, and an army of non-technical labor. Throughout this process, the mission requirements change (several times) resulting in costly modifications during construction and/or an outdated infrastructure at completion. This process endangers the Secure Workplace Environment and requires significant financial resources to maintain.


In many cases, inconsistencies in security requirements (which vary between agencies and from project to project) further inhibit change options and hinder efficiency. These conditions necessitate a multitude of security concepts, designs, and waivers with little or no operational benefit.  The result is potentially high risk and vulnerability caused by the current delivery and design methodology which focuses on individual customization.  Special attention is given to system hardware and software (updating security accreditations and standards) but there is no systemic solution for the technology infrastructure which extends throughout the Enterprise.


In the 90’s the Fusion senior leadership team developed a patented secure infrastructure solution that addressed these physical layer concerns. The solution significantly reinvented outdated methodology and added benefits to the life cycle of every project by incorporating zone topology, innovative flexibility and extensibility, plug-n-play modularity, and enhanced and scalable security. Those benefits substantiated the vision and goals of the new ACE (Army Core of Engineers) and DoD (Department of Defense) program initiatives at that time.  


Today, Fusion continues to evolve with our clients’ requirements, demands from the market, and threats from bad actors.  What was once disparate silos of technology delivery (i.e. telecommunications, audio visual, security, building management, etc) have converged and require a different delivery solution and perspective. Our goal is to educate and demonstrate the value that our experience, depth in personnel, and solutions can bring to the secure environment in the form of rugged, durable, flexible, and affordable enterprise solutions. 

Meet The Executive Team


Daryl Dixon




Matthew Coviello

Sr. Vice President, Business Operations


Roger Valentine

Vice President,

Business Administration


Bradley Dean

Vice President

Business Development

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